Potato inventory control app for easy Potato inventory control, quality control,  shipping & sales.

Potato inventory control app.

Software app for Mango packing : grading, sorting, and processing. Includes export, wholesale, and full packing management app. Built around inventory control & recalls: bar-code inventory, B2B Customer Portal, Shop front, FARM MANAGEMENT OPTION and more... Farmsoft provides complete management for onion packing, broccoli packing, citrus packing, pepper packing, tomato packing, avocado packing, potato packing. Salad packing, Loose leaf lettuce and other fresh produce such as spinach, rucola, chicory, watercress. Cucumber packing. Citrus inventory control for lemon, orange, mandarin, tangerine, clementine. Asparagus packing. Onion inventory & storage. Potato inventory storage app. Potato inventory control app for better packing & logistics. Onion inventory control management. Carrot inventory control for inventory control & inventory control. Bean inventory control. Mango inventory control for inventory control. 


Manage incoming Potato inventory control inventory & storage inventory, capture supplier details, inventory control and costs (optionally capture on PO in advance), create inventory & pallet labels, record storage location of inventory.  Automatic inventory audit trail and tracking.  Unlimited inventory items. Bar-code inventory management.


Perform stock-takes any time by category or storage location.  Know how much onion inventory you have in real time, even search by storage location.  Report by product line and storage location, or product category. 

Sales, shipping,  orders

Print pick sheet to pick Potato inventory control inventory & storage orders manually, or scan inventory / pallets onto orders, or auto select inventory,  or rapidly sell without an order.  Track paid, and unpaid invoices.  Attach documents to invoices / photos of outgoing shipments.

Traceability & recalls

Instant mock recalls both up and down the supply chain using keys based on supplier lot/batch, supplier name, delivery date, invoice #, inventory #, pallet #, customer reference, order # and more...  Reduces fresh produce food safety compliance costs and makes audits easy.

Invoices, BOL, labels for pallets & inventory

Choose from a gallery of invoices, bill of lading, freight notes, and industry standard fresh produce labels including Walmart, Tesco, Aldi, Coles, Pick 'n Save, Woolworths and more...

Batch packing

Record all batch inputs such as fruit & vegetables, packaging materials, and other raw materials.  Batch costs automatically tracked.  Batch recalls automatically track suppliers & inventory control.


View open orders & balances. Assign orders to specific staff for picking, assign to trucks / driver, transport company.  Set loading order for multiple orders on one truck.  See when orders are ready shipped and print bill of lading, export documents, and invoices. 

Quality control

Perform QC tests for incoming pepper inventory, packed, pre-shipping. Configure QC tests for ANYTHING you want to test, supplier quality control tracking.  Attach unlimited photos & documents to QC tests from your cell or tablet.  

Price lists

Manage prices that will be used when a customer order is recorded.  Set up price lists for specials, specific products & customers or promotions.  


Profit:  Analyze profit of each onion line, variety, and even track individual customer profit, and batch level cost & profit.  Sales:  Monitor sales progress & shipments.  Quality:  supplier performance & more...


Auto shipment and sale alerts to customers.  Configure BOM, packing / manufacturing processes, special rules to control the processes in your business (your consultant will do this for you).   

Value adding

For food service and processors:  specify the ingredients for each product you manufacture, farmsoft will calculate required quantities to fill open orders and schedule the batch.  Automatic creation of inventory outputs.  All ingredients and inputs are costed.

Unlimited sites & warehouses

Create multiple sites, specify which sites each employee can view (this restricts inventory, orders, invoices etc to selected sites).  Great for businesses with multiple locations across the country or planet.

Advanced tailoring

Add new fields to screens, choose from a wide selection of interfaces (touch based, PC based, data entry, tablet), control special business processes, activate defaults, configure automatic alerts and more...

Purchase orders

Order raw materials, packaging materials and more from suppliers.  Analyze orders and prices using Purchases dashboard. 

Re-order alerts

Receive alerts when inventory needs to be reordered, analyze inventory that will need ordering in the future, and inventory that is approaching expiry...

Finance apps

Integrate with Xero finance, or export invoices (AR) and Purchase Orders (AP) to your chosen finance app like MYOB, Quickbooks, , FreshBooks, Wave, SaasAnt, SAGE and others...

Reduce Potato inventory control waste by 99%

Packing inventory control ensures there is no 'shrinkage', food inventory is FIFO managed, and expiring inventory always monitored.

Reduce administration time by 60%

Automatic paperwork for packing, labels, and reporting reduces the burden on administration teams and saves everyone's time.

Better Potato inventory control  packing quality now

Quality control and food safety has never been easier with industry standard quality tests, food safety checklists; or configure your own tests. 

100% accurate Potato inventory control  packing orders!

Guarantee only the correct inventory is shipped for each order, on time, every time.

Easy Potato inventory control  & storage packing inventory control

Perform instant mock recalls and audits at any time, from anywhere. No need to compile reports or search for documents. International food safety standards maintained.

Reduce Potato inventory & storage inventory stocking costs by 10%

Project required ingredients & materials to ensure just in time delivery and reduce inventory overheads & waste.

Faster Potato inventory control  packing inventory control

Know exactly which inventory is available, where it is, and when it expires:  any-time, anywhere.
No need to manually create reports in spreadsheets, instant real time access to your inventory details.

100% accurate Potato inventory control production management

Rapidly assign customer orders to production batches, line & inventory managers receive instant alerts.  Precision processing & packing reduces fresh produce waste.

A potato is one of the vegetables which are perishable commodity that could not be stored for a long time without the support of adequate facilities. In the supply management of potatoes, more frequent orders mean make the cost of inventory greater. In contrast, rarely order makes lower ordering cost, but require the product shelf life longer. Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) is the method of calculating the number of orders that resulted in the optimal total cost. Inventory planning through EOQ method requires a trade-off between quantity and frequency of ordering and shelf life of potatoes. This study aims to determine the number and frequency of ordering based on the shelf life of potatoes in order to obtain the lowest total cost of inventory. This study begins with an attempt to reassure the shelf life of potatoes after harvest. Experimental method used to determine the shelf life of potatoes, where the parameters measured were weight loss, hardness, moisture content, and appearance of the skin. Observations were made every three days with three different lighting treatment that is storage the material: (1) exposed to direct sunlight, (2) are not directly exposed to sunlight, and (2) in a dark room. The number of the shelf life of potatoes are used as the deadline of the shelf life of potatoes in stock, the maximum number of orders and reorder point. Furthermore we performed the analysis using the framework of the implementation of the basic model of EOQ. The results showed that based on the data last three years the company should be able to make savings of Rp. 986,928.00 if the planned supply through the use EOQ model with the order value in every month an average of 1.72 times of the actual order, so order frequency becomes less that of an average of 12 times to 5 times a month. In order to plan next year through the decomposition method and using the data of four years earlier, then the value of forecast supply requirement of 402 071 kg a year. This value is then decomposed into each month with an average of 33,506 Kg. Using the value of inventory cost components are the same then the average value obtained EOQ is 6,087 Kg and order frequency is 5 times a month Keywords: Potatoes inventory planning, EOQ on agrobased perishable product, order quantity, frequency of order, potatoes shelf life.

Is Inventory a Hot Potato in Your Company?
Over the past decade, business operations have invested heavily in various technologies and systems. Every system that firms use has the potential to generate vast amounts of data, providing granular insights into every aspect of how a business operates. Despite these advances however, the value of these data can only be realized when firms can use them to adopt new decision and business processes that can improve performance over the long term. How can firms improve supply chain performance in a reliable, scalable, and sustainable way?

Supply-Chain Management
Published online: Aug 06, 2019 Articles Buzz Shahan, Chief Operating Officer, United Potato Growers of America
Viewed 2881 time(s)
This article appears in the August 2019 issue of Potato Grower.
A supply chain is a system that includes those activities, people, entities, information and resources necessary to get a desired product from the supplier to the final customer. Some examples of supply chain activities are those used by most fresh potato farmers and their packer/shippers to supply a retailer or wholesaler with their potatoes, and by retailers/wholesalers to receive and merchandize those potatoes. In making the fresh potato supply chain function, which responsibilities lay with the supplier, which lay with the retailer/wholesaler, and how do the two differ?

One would assume that supply chain management would be as logical and straightforward as any other business process. Such is the case from the retail/wholesale side, but not always from the grower/shipper side. Retail/wholesale companies become involved in supply-chain management primarily to maximize overall profitability. They do this by controlling product quality, tightening inventory levels, and honing freight and delivery costs.

Unlike those on the retail/wholesale side whose supply chain involvement centers on rate of returns, many on the grower/shippers’ side perform their supply side tasks on a purely functional basis. Here are functions that too many fresh potato suppliers see as their supply chain duties: First, get the order by most any means, possibly sacrificing price (grower equity) to do it. Second, fulfill the order by generating the requested packages, an obvious functional prerequisite. And third, ship the order on time, including arranging transportation when required to do so, another functional prerequisite.

A deeper dive into how the fresh potato supply side addresses supply chain decisions reveals that decisions are almost always based on what is best for the function, not on what is best for the basic supplier—the grower. Think about what this says about fresh potato supply chain management overall. Think about a missing responsibility that, if added to fresh potato supply side duties—as happens in other industries—would have the greatest impact on grower profitability. What would that responsibility be?

Because fresh potatoes are fresh produce, and because fresh produce price reacts most sensitively to the supply/demand balance, demand forecasting becomes fundamental to all else that follows in supply side supply chain management, and certainly in terms of boosting grower profitability. Here’s the anomaly: Since grower profitability is absolutely tied to accurate demand forecasting, why does demand forecasting not appear on the list of responsibilities of many who perform fresh potato supply chain functions? Happily, demand forecasting does appear on the list of supply side duties in certain potato-producing regions; growers in those regions reap consistent and fair returns because of it. Whose fault is it that certain packer/shippers in certain regions are allowed to skip over this key component of supply chain management? Shouldn’t this fundamental aspect of grower profitability be part of their accountability?

Assume that a firm existed called “Fresh Potato Supply Chain Management Company” and that this firm were hired to manage the supply side of the fresh potato supply chain. Assume also that this firm’s compensation depended upon grower prosperity. Now, go out on a limb here, and venture a guess as to what their first act would be in supply chain management.

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