Meat packing hardware:  low cost

Meat packing hardware is very low cost with Farmsoft Meat Packing solutions: terminals, scales, and other equipment can be from ANY manufacturer. Use inexpensive hardware for meat packing, meat processing, and meat storage and traceability.

Meat packing hardware:

Meat packing hardware is very low cost with Farmsoft Meat Packing solutions: terminals, scales, and other equipment can be from ANY manufacturer. Use inexpensive hardware for meat packing, meat processing, and meat storage and traceability.

Meat packing hardware
Meat packing hardware Traceability during production & packing
View Traceability App Specifications.

Meat packing app for beef, poultry, seafood, goat, bison, lamb, hog.
Fully integrated traceability software manages meat traceability app for slaughterhouses and meat packing plants of beef, bison, goat, lamb, hog, poultry and other animals. Farmsoft meat packing software solutions are for all sized of meat packing operations from co-operatives to large commercial meat packing plants. Increase meat packing quality control with Farmsoft meat quality inspection app. Farmsoft slaughterhouse software delivers beef packing software solutions for all sized meat plants. The Farmsoft Meat packing app delivers high levels of meat fabrication accuracy, meat packing efficiencies from accurate meat labels (USDA, EU, AU). The Farmsoft meat quality control app makes meat quality inspection and quality management easy. Use the Farmsoft Meat Packing App for massive savings on meat packing hardware; Farmsoft's hardware agnostic design means you can use any scales, printers, or equipment with your Farmsoft meat packing solution.

Farmsoft poultry software support poultry packing, poultry packing software, poultry traceability, and poultry quality inspection.
Seafood packing app by Farmsoft for seafood packing software solutions for seafood processing, seafood quality inspection, and seafood traceability.

Farmsoft gives you the freedom to use any low cost hardware with the Farmsoft meat packing app.

Low cost meat packing hardware inexpensive
Low cost meat packing hardware inexpensive (prices are roughly indicative for a meat processing plant with 10 meat processing / packing / meat boning stations). We do not sell meat packing hardware, you can buy your meat packing hardware from any vendor.

Old meat packing solutions tend to use expensive to purchase proprietary hardware that is often very expensive to install in a meat packing plant, and has excessive ongoing maintenance fees. These older meat packing solution vendors try to upsell you with hundreds of thousands of dollars of meat packing hardware. You don't have to waste precious resources that could be spent elsewhere in your meat packing plant.

Meat packing hardware
Meat packing hardware pack house hygiene checklist for food safety

Old solutions use outdated redundant and expensive technologies like RS232 networks which are expensive and inflexible, require a lot of expert configuration and maintenance. Old meat packing solutions often run only on Windows terminals which are slow, prone to viruses, and cost too much to purchase and maintain. Old meat packing solutions usually require you to purchase, administer, backup, and maintain your own server (expensive and a waste of your time and money).

‍Farmsoft offers an alternative, giving you the choice to use any inexpensive and low cost meat packing hardware for any sized meat packing and meat processing plant.

Administration and maintenance of meat packing plant hardware & I.T. infrastructure
Old meat packing solutions: $20,000+ per year
Modern Farmsoft meat packing app: $0
You don’t need to purchase & administer servers (Windows, MS SQL, anti-virus, backup software) because farmsoft runs in the cloud. Less Windows OS’s that need constant fixing & virus removal. No proprietary equipment with expensive repairs, parts, and maintenance. Less network equipment, complexity, and even less cables means less things go wrong; resulting in massively reduced network administration & maintenance expenses.

It just works.

Terminal for data entry during meat packing process:
Old meat packing solutions: $2000

Modern Farmsoft meat packing app: $200
Any Android / iOS tablet or phone / PC / Mac (old equipment is also compatible)

‍RFID reader (read animal RFID tags during slaughter, testing, evisceration, and inspection)
Old meat packing solutions: $3000

Modern Farmsoft meat packing app: $150
Any USB/wireless RFID reader in sleeve or ruggedized version, any Android RFID reading device

‍Barcode reader for inventory control of livestock and meat inventory:
Old meat packing solutions: $3000

Modern Farmsoft meat packing app: $150
Any USB barcode reader (wireless), any Android professional Barcode reading device, any Android phone/tablet.

Scales & printers for weighing livestock and packed meat
Old meat packing solutions: $3000

Modern Farmsoft meat packing app: $400
Any scale that can dump weight to PC clipboard via USB. Any 300+ dpi printers.

Meat packing plant network & network installation
Old meat packing solutions: $50,000

Modern farmsoft meat packing app: $5000 (or as little as $200 for a small business)
Devices require only Wi-Fi, this cuts the cost of cables, routers, and installation drastically as opposed to running cables to every device.

Low cost meat packing hardware:

All terminal devices must run one of these browsers: Edge, Chrome, Opera, Brave, with 800x1200 min resolution & an always on internet connection of 0.5 M/bit minimum, no data is saved on your device, no app is installed.

Meat packing hardware
Meat packing hardware Traceability management best practices

To print from Android or iOS Install AirPrint etc, or purchase PaperCut (or similar), or the app from printer vendor to print PDF from browser ( 300+DPI required if you print barcodes).

Don’t do this unless you absolutely must, standard solution runs from our data closest to you (New York, Berlin, or Sydney) and is included in your quote. Please enquire, there is a cost to use your own server (server etc not provided by us: specs: Win Svr2019+, 16GB RAM+, 4 GHz+, MS SQL 2019+). Or you can have an exclusive server in our data center (we administer & provide server, no other company will be using your exclusive infrastructure, available in USA, Canada, European Union, Australia).

If your device doesn’t have built in reader, for PC/Mac/Android/iOS use a USB or Bluetooth reader that dumps the data into focused field as keyboard text input. For Android, install an app like Barcode & QR code Keyboard or Barcode/NFC/OCR Scanner Keyboard etc that dumps data read into focused field and is activated from virtual keyboard. (None of these apps provided by us).

Scales must paste current weight to clipboard of the device (ie: the scale emulates keyboard USB transaction of CTRL V of the data). Test your chosen device before you commit.

You need an I.T. person to setup your network & devices, we can’t setup or advise on any of your hardware or operating systems or drivers or finance app; our advice is that your devices meet the requirements outlined on this page and that you test each device before committing to bulk purchases. Modern devices are wireless, installing multiple wireless mesh networks that have multiple nodes per network where the nodes are connected in daisy chain via CAT cables can be considerably cheaper than traditional wired networks. Cool rooms need a node inside each to allow full coverage. Example inexpensive mesh devices include TP-Link Deco M5* / TP-Link Dexo X20 / TP-Link Deco X68.

Advice from our clients: Buy extra nodes in case one fails and needs replacing (cant mix new models with old). Whitelist * and *, block all sites that are not (or common trash sties) so devices can only used for farmsoft.

Printing huge amounts of labels from an Android is not efficient, try using a Windows devices because Windows prints directly to the printer without cloud services slowing the transaction. 

Meat packing hardware
Meat packing hardware Supplier Traceability Management

On stations where printing is infrequent or not required, usually users are generally just looking at the boning spec and selecting “Next” animal from this screen, or doing some simple data entry such as at kill box, head removal, eviscerations etc; a simple android tablet suspended on an arm with splash cover is very inexpensive and effective for these stations. You can use an inexpensive USB RFID and or bar-code reader with your Android device.