Asparagus traceability app:

Asparagus traceability app for easy traceability packing and sales for asparagus: complete management of inventory, QC, sales, asparagus recalls and food safety audits. Rapid asparagus packing, reduce asparagus waste, increase asparagus traceability.

Asparagus traceability app:

Asparagus traceability app for easy traceability packing and sales for asparagus: complete management of inventory, QC, sales, asparagus recalls and food safety audits. Rapid asparagus packing, reduce asparagus waste, increase asparagus traceability.

Asparagus traceability app
Asparagus Traceability during production & packing
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This work focuses on testing and application asparagus of Sr isotope signatures for the fast and reliable authentication and traceability of Asparagus officinalis originating from Marchfeld, Austria, using multicollector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry after optimised Rb/Sr separation. The major sample pool comprises freeze-dried and microwave-digested asparagus samples from Hungary and Slovakia which are compared with Austrian asparagus originating from the Marchfeld region, which is a protected geographical indication. Additional samples from Peru, The Netherlands and Germany were limited in number and allowed therefore only restricted statistical evaluation. Asparagus samples from Marchfeld were harvested within two subsequent years in order to investigate the annual variation. The results show that the Sr isotope ratio is consistent within these 2 years of investigation. Moreover, the Sr isotope ratio of total Sr in soil was found to be significantly higher than in an NH4NO3 extract, reflecting the mobile (bioavailable) phase. The isotope composition in the latter extract corresponds well to the range found in the asparagus samples in Marchfeld, even though the concentration of Sr in asparagus shows no direct correlation to the concentration of Sr in the mobile phase of the soil. The major question was whether the 'Marchfelder Spargel' can be distinguished from samples from the neighbouring countries of Hungary and Slovakia. According to our findings, they can be clearly (100%) singled out from the Hungarian samples and can be distinguished from the Slovakian asparagus samples with a probability of more than 80%.

Asparagus is a perennial herbaceous plant defined as “the royal vegetable” par excellence, whose origins are lost in history.

Agricola Conte has been specializing in the production of asparagus for thirty years. The company is also equipped to serve the GDO with the use of particular management systems, EAN traceability codes and certifications such as GLOBAL G.A.P. , HACCP and Traceability.

The types of Asparagus treated are three:

White asparagus
Pink Asparagus of Green
Woman Green Asparagus
List of products and gauges:

The classification takes into account three different parameters:

length, diameter and appearance of the apex.

For length, asparagus are divided into:

tips: less than 15 cm.

long: 22 cm

Workings and packages can be made for different weight and dimensions, according to customer requests.

The processing mainly consists of:

Bulk for diameter from:

Tips less than 15 cm inside special trays 20 + and 22 + inside 5 kg cardboard boxes with guaranteed weight.

Asparagus traceability app
Asparagus  packhouse hygiene checklist for food safety

Decks, for diameter from:

<12: with a diameter of less than 12 mm

12-16: with diameter between 12 mm and 16 mm

16-20: with diameter between 16 mm and 22 mm

20+: with a diameter exceeding 20 mm.

For the appearance of the apex they are divided into:

white, green or pink ASPARAGUS.

Processing and packaging can be made for different weight and dimensions, according to the customer’s requests, both Bianchi and Verdi.

Packaging with classic “handkerchief”, 500 gram top-quality decks.

Packaging on cardboard Loose, 5 kg bulk asparagus.

Packaging in classic bunches, from 1 kg.

Following the creation of the company FOOD laboratory, we also work the product as transformed into vacuum and pesto asparagus jars.

Both as pesto and jars in oil.

Asparagus traceability app
Asparagus Traceability management best practices

” This particular variety of asparagus was generated from the same land that gave birth to Verde de Saliceoli, called Donna Verde, Mother of Cangrande Della Scala, made the seed of a great dynasty sprout, giving birth to one of the most famous members of the Scaligeri , the powerful lords of Verona who governed it for 125 years.

We know that the spirit of Donna Verde pervaded the Verona castle located in Salizzole.

According to some testimonies his soul would not have left the walls of this medieval complex yet.

The Divine Comedy indicated his son Cangrande as a valiant and powerful Lord, and he wished he could achieve Italian unification, as Dante so longed for.

It is known from the sources that he gave shelter and protection to the poet during his exile in Verona and that the latter to correspond to the benefits received, gave him the sublime canticle of Paradise.

The figure of Cangrande is generally compared to that of the “veltro”, the mysterious character evoked by Virgil’s prophecy in Hell; it was said that Cangrande was destined to drive the she-wolf-avarice from Italy and to restore its justice.

It is a hope of rebirth, nourished by the poet Dante, which has its roots in the nobility and grandeur of Donna Verde.

In imitation of this gracious domination, we cultivate the seed of a noble production on the fertile soil, in expectation of a renaissance of quality. “

Huétor Tájar asparagus with PGI from the wild asparagus fields, which gives the asparagus its special characteristics and organoleptic properties.

The optimal quality and traceability of the product is guaranteed by the exhaustive controls on all operations required for the quality seal.

They are healthy and have good diuretic, purifying, and antioxidant qualities. They are low in calories, which means our asparagus is perfect for diets aimed at weight loss.

Green asparagus
Green asparagus, Asparagus oficinalis, also called sparrow grass or common asparagus, owes its colour to the fact that it develops above ground, in direct contact with sunlight, which activates the chlorophyll that gives the plant its pigment.

Asparagus traceability app
Asparagus Supplier Traceability Management

We specialise in the cultivation and sale of green asparagus.

We work with different formats, and we always pay attention to the environment.

Purple asparagus
Innovative variety with intense purple tones, which, added to its sweet flavour and tender and meaty texture, makes this variety an attractive option for consumers. This product is perfect for consuming raw.

Organic asparagus
At Centro Sur we have organic production certification. This means we can offer our customers asparagus from crops in which the agricultural practices support the conservation of the environment and biodiversity, while being financially viable.

White asparagus
The difference between white and green asparagus is that white asparagus is grown below ground or in the absence of light, which results in the absence of chlorophyll (which gives plants their green pigment). This type of asparagus has more carbohydrates than green asparagus. They also have a hard skin and need to be peeled and cooked before they can be eaten.