Avocado packing app.

Avocado packing is easy and efficient with the farmsoft avocado packing app! 

Software app for avocado packing: grading, sorting, and processing.  Includes export, wholesale, and full packing management app.  Built around traceability & recalls:  bar-code inventory, B2B Customer Portal, Shop front,  FARM MANAGEMENT OPTION and more...


Manage incoming avocado inventory, capture avocado supplier details and cost, apply inventory/pallet labels, record storage location of inventory.  Automatic inventory audit trail and tracking.  Unlimited inventory items. Bar-code inventory management.


Perform stock-takes any time by category or storage location.  Know how much onion inventory you have in real time, even search by storage location.  Report by product line and storage location, or product category. 

Sales, shipping,  orders

Print pick sheet to pick avocado orders manually, or scan inventory / pallets onto orders, or auto select inventory,  or rapidly sell without an order.  Track paid, and unpaid invoices.  Attach documents to invoices / photos of outgoing shipments.

Traceability & recalls

Instant mock recalls both up and down the supply chain using keys based on supplier lot/batch, supplier name, delivery date, invoice #, inventory #, pallet #, customer reference, order # and more...  Reduces fresh produce food safety compliance costs and makes audits easy.

Invoices, BOL, labels for pallets & inventory

Choose from a gallery of invoices, bill of lading, freight notes, and industry standard fresh produce labels including Walmart, Tesco, Aldi, Coles, Pick 'n Save, Woolworths and more...

Batch packing

Record all batch inputs such fruit, vegetables, packaging materials, and other raw materials.  Batch costs automatically tracked.  Batch recalls automatically track suppliers & traceability.


View open orders & balances. Assign orders to specific staff for picking, assign to trucks / driver, transport company.  Set loading order for multiple orders on one truck.  See when orders are ready shipped and print bill of lading, export documents, and invoices. 

Quality control

Perform QC tests for incoming pepper inventory, packed, pre-shipping. Configure QC tests for ANYTHING you want to test, supplier quality control tracking.  Attach unlimited photos & documents to QC tests from your cell or tablet.  

Price lists

Manage prices that will be used when a customer order is recorded.  Set up price lists for specials, specific products & customers or promotions.  


Profit:  Analyze profit of each onion line, variety, and even track individual customer profit, and batch level cost & profit.  Sales:  Monitor sales progress & shipments.  Quality:  supplier performance & more...


Auto shipment and sale alerts to customers.  Configure BOM, packing / manufacturing processes, special rules to control the processes in your business (your consultant will do this for you).   

Avocado value adding

For food service and processors:  specify the ingredients for each product you manufacture, farmsoft will calculate required quantities to fill open orders and schedule the batch.  Automatic creation of inventory outputs.  All ingredients and inputs are costed.

Unlimited sites & warehouses

Create multiple sites, specify which sites each employee can view (this restricts inventory, orders, invoices etc to selected sites).  Great for businesses with multiple locations across the country or planet.

Advanced tailoring

Add new fields to screens, choose from a wide selection of interfaces (touch based, PC based, data entry, tablet), control special business processes, activate defaults, configure automatic alerts and more...

Purchase orders

Order raw materials, packaging materials and more from suppliers.  Analyze orders and prices using Purchases dashboard. 

Re-order alerts

Receive alerts when inventory needs to be reordered, analyze inventory that will need ordering in the future, and inventory that is approaching expiry...

Finance apps

Integrate with Xero finance, or export invoices (AR) and Purchase Orders (AP) to your chosen finance app like MYOB, Quickbooks, , FreshBooks, Wave, SaasAnt, SAGE and others...

Reduce avocado waste by 99%

Packing inventory control ensures there is no 'shrinkage', food inventory is FIFO managed, and expiring inventory always monitored.

Reduce administration time by 60%

Automatic paperwork for packing, labels, and reporting reduces the burden on administration teams and saves everyone's time.

Better avocado packing quality now

Quality control and food safety has never been easier with industry standard quality tests, food safety checklists; or configure your own tests. 

100% accurate avocado packing orders!

Guarantee only the correct inventory is shipped for each order, on time, every time.

Easy avocado packing traceability

Perform instant mock recalls and audits at any time, from anywhere. No need to compile reports or search for documents. International food safety standards maintained.

Reduce avocado inventory stocking costs by 10%

Project required ingredients & materials to ensure just in time delivery and reduce inventory overheads & waste.

Faster avocado packing inventory control

Know exactly which inventory is available, where it is, and when it expires:  any-time, anywhere.
No need to manually create reports in spreadsheets, instant real time access to your inventory details.

Easier avocado packing  management

Rapidly assign customer orders to production batches, line & inventory managers receive instant alerts.  Precision processing & packing reduces fresh produce waste.

The farmsoft team has released a suite of Avocado packing software solutions for processing, sorting, and grading of avocado and avocado value added manufacturing. The farmsoft Avocado Packing solution is designed for all sizes of pack-houses and pack sheds, and includes extensive quality control solutions based on avocado quality requirements.

Additional features for avocado packers also include specific labeling requirements, with special label compliance for Australia, New Zealand, USA, and Canada, Africa, Turkey, Egypt with and PTI, CanGAP, EuroGAP, and more. Contact us to find out more about avocado farming, and avocado processing today.

Avocado packing software
Avocado packing software solution:
FarmSoft Avocado Packing Software delivers enhancements to the packing process, making packers more accountable, and reducing waste. Reporting features reduce the administration costs (eg: producing reports from spread-sheets and multiple data sources manually), and helps to enforce best practices and food handling standards throughout the avocado packing process. Additional to the FarmSoft Avocado Packing software, FarmSoft also offers the FarmSoft Avocado Farm Software, which delivers exceptional traceability for all sizes of avocado plantations. The FarmSoft Avocado Farming Software covers all aspects of farm management from planning, budgeting, through to activity management and chemical residue management. Talk to FarmSoft avocado farming expert today to discuss your options.

Guides for avocados for use across the supply chain, specifically in pack houses, the wholesale markets and in retail stores. Members of the Australian avocado supply chain can obtain free copies of the educational materials detailed below by completing Avocados Australia’s Education Material Order Form. Click on the document link below to complete the form, the details are enclosed. Retail Quality Survey results have shown that the biggest quality issues for avocados in Australia are bruising, followed by body rots and vascular browning. These results have been used to ensure that the educational material produced addresses these issues. How avocados must be handled to maintain quality is directly related to their level of ripeness therefore the first piece of material that has been produced is a general guide for all industry sectors illustrating the different levels of avocado ripeness and the colour stages that are most common at each level. Reproduced from Avocado.org.au

Reference: Less fresh produce waste more traceability Accurate inventory shipping fruit handling guidelines traceability guidelines food safety fresh produce traceability.

"The drop in the price of avocados has caused the demand to grow"
The Spanish mango campaign is about to start in the Axarquía of Malaga, where the harvest of the Osteen, the most common variety, is expected to kick off in early September.

"Imported mangoes have reached very high prices, so the European market is eagerly awaiting the arrival of Spanish mangoes, given their proximity and quality," says Álvaro Martínez, manager of Axarfruit, which is currently marketing Palmer mangoes from Brazil. The company also produces and markets organic avocados and lemons.

Australia opens its market to Chilean Hass avocado
Antonio Walker, the Chilean Minister of Agriculture, announced that the Australian phytosanitary authority had authorized the entry of fresh Hass avocados from Chile into their country.

This authorization will allow Chilean avocados to consider Australia among their destination countries starting this season, which represents a great opportunity since there was interest in making shipments. Despite the fact that Australia is an avocado-producing country that has a high per capita consumption that reaches 3.8 kilos per year, there would be a window in which the Chilean avocado would not overcome local production, so it could become an interesting destination for future shipments.

The national director of the Agricultural and Livestock Service, Horacio Borquez, said he was very satisfied. “This is the result of the work carried out in conjunction with the Australian phytosanitary authority, and after the exchange of technical information between both countries. This authorization for the entry of Chilean avocados to Australia is a recognition of our high phytosanitary standard. It also reflects the hard work achieved in conjunction with the producer-export sector; that's why complying with all the phytosanitary measures required by each destination country to continue achieving successes like this one is so important.”

The president of ASOEX, Ronald Bown, said: “The opening of the Australian market for Chilean Hass avocados is very good news, especially since we are about to start a new production and export season of this fruit. It allows us to expand markets and business options for the industry. Australia is a market with a high consumption of avocados, where there is a window for Chilean avocados to enter the market, as there is no local supply. We thank the Ministry of Agriculture, the Agricultural and Livestock Service, as well as the authorities of the Chilean Embassy in Australia for helping us to get this new achievement for the national fruit growing sector.”

Creation of the first association of avocado producer organizations of the Canary Islands
On July 27, the first association of avocado producer organizations of the Canary Islands, Asguacan, was presented at the headquarters of the Council of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the Government of the Canary Islands, located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The event was chaired by the Councilor of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Alicia Vanoostende, who was accompanied by Wenceslao Martínez-Barona, manager of Agro-Rincón S.L. and president of the new association, and Miguel Bravo Castañeda, president of Cocampa and member of the association. Also present at the event were the Deputy Councillor of the Primary Sector, Álvaro de la Bárcena and the General Director of Agriculture, José Basilio Pérez, as well as representatives of various avocado producing organizations.

"This project is a good illustration of the objectives set for this legislature, which include the promotion of associationism, as it has an impact on the concentration of the supply and puts producers in a stronger position," said Vanoostende, for whom "this association will contribute to overseas marketing with the research and development of this emerging crop in the Canary Islands, and it will also act as an interlocutor of the sector with the administration.”

For his part, the president of Asguacan, Wenceslao Martínez-Barona, said that the "objective is to create an association based on the experience built in other sectors, anticipating and adapting to the changes that the avocado sector is going through, and seeking to strengthen and promote it," he said.

Miguel Bravo, member of the association, argued that "in view of the increase in the number of avocado plantations that have yet to become productive, it is necessary to have better planning for the fruit's sale."

Asguacan will work in all those activities that can contribute to improving the situation of the avocado sector in the islands, representing the Producers' Organizations before the administrations, promoting the incorporation of producers to the FVPO, obtaining and managing a guarantee mark or PGI, carrying out promotional actions for Canary avocados and obtaining collective insurance, as well as promoting research on the cultivation and management of this fruit in the archipelago.

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