Apps for Fresh produce packing, food service, food manufacturing, meat packing, food quality inspection:

Fresh produce packing app delivers business management for fresh produce packer, export, import, wholesale.  Complete solutions for food service, food manufacturing, and fresh produce value adding.

Fresh produce packing & food business apps for accurate production & shipping, reduced waste, increased profit, rapid quality inspections.

Fresh Produce /
Food Service
$6200 (per year, 8 users) 
$450 (monthly, 3 users) 
$650 (monthly, 8 users) 
All plans require $1k setup.


Reduce waste, increase Packing App, 100% accurate production & shipments!

Complete business management solution: quality control, sorting, grading, washing, packing, processing, manufacture.   Easy live inventory & stock-takes, expiring inventory management, inventory re-order alerts, Packing App, recalls; orders & pack to order, automatic fresh produce & food labels, invoice, BOL, export documentation, advance shipping notice, B2C portal, B2B portal and more...

Includes FarmsoftQC app free!

Optional Farming App



Meat packing
$6200 (per year, 8 users)  
$450 (monthly, 3 users)  
$850 (monthly, 8 users) 
All plans require $3k setup.


Maximum processing speed, 100% accurate fabrication & shipping, low cost hardware & implementation.

Manage every process with precision, fanatical levels of Packing App & food safety. Industry specific labels (USDA, EU, AU etc), export & domestic.

Provide services to your customers OR purchase, process and pack your own product for wholesale & retail.

Slaughter management, RFID, livestock inventory, on screen fabrication management, online customer management, labels, manufacture value added goods like sausage etc, pickup & shipping management. 



$3100 per year (10 users) 
$55 month (1 user, $300 setup)
$99 month (2 user, $300 setup)
$299 (monthly, 4 users) 
$399 (monthly, 8 users) 


Reduce inspection costs & mistakes, reduce waste, negotiate better prices.

Flexible quality control solution with AI quality inspection, tailored to your businesses exact requirements.

Integrates with and can be upgraded to Fresh Produce Packing, Food Service, & Meat Management Software.



Fresh produce, food service, food manufacturing business management apps:

Fresh produce packing app for comprehensive business management for fresh produce packer, export, import, wholesaler.

Fresh produce packing app food service meat packing
Fresh produce Management Software for import, export, wholesale
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Farmsoft fresh produce app provides complete business management for fruit, vegetable, herb, seed packers, and food service companies.  Complete management of Packing App, inventory, QC, food manufacture, sales & shipping, recalls & audits.

Fresh produce packing app food service meat packing
Quality inspection app for food and fresh produce
View quality inspection app specifications.

Fresh produce quality inspection app for fruit & vegetable, meat, seafood, seeds, herbs, and all foods.  

Reduce inspection costs, eliminate mistakes & waste, maximize quality & consistency.  Fresh produce quality inspection app with AI quality management.

Fresh produce packing app food service meat packing
Meat Management Software for beef, hog, poultry, seafood
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Meat Management Software works with inexpensive hardware for production packing control, quality control, animal delivery, batch processing, weight accountability with no unaccounted yield loss for processing all animal and fresh meat products. Premium beef processing software software solution for modern meat packers.

Fresh produce packing app food service meat packing
Fresh produce farming solutions
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The Farmsoft app delivers instant farm Packing App recalls, both up and down the supply chain. Perform recalls in seconds, with full confidence of accuracy and reliability. Minimize risk by ensuring accurate Packing App is automatically captured thru natural business processes, easily and quickly. Pass audits with ease and reduce compliance costs using Farmsoft's automatic paperwork tools and features.