Seafood quality inspection app by Farmsoft

Seafood quality inspection app by Farmsoft delivers quality control for Seafood packer, processor, and value adding. Complete Seafood quality control app.

Seafood quality inspection app by Farmsoft: 

Seafood quality inspection app by Farmsoft delivers quality control for Seafood packer, processor, and value adding. Complete Seafood quality control app.

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Farmsoft meat packing app - Technical notes, hardware, requirements for the Meat processing & packing quality control app.   farmsoft meat packing app FAQ

Meat processing & packing quality control is made easy with farmsoft Meat Packing app; manage all QC, criteria, and testing processes for meat processing and meat packing quality testing for export/importers of beef, pig, and other fresh meat products.

Traceability matrix seafood meat, poultry. Meat traceability requirements with farmsoft meat packing app. 

Seafood packing app makes quality control, receival, batch processing, high weight accountability with no unaccounted yield loss for processing all animal and fresh meat products. The premium meat packing software solution for modern meat packers and meat processors.

Seafood meat manufacturing app for food manufacturers of meatballs, luncheon, baloney, frankfurter, hot dog, taco meat, sausage manufacturing: manages pre-cooked meat inventory, pre-cooked meat quality control, orders & production, sales & shipping for reduced pre-cooked meat weight.

Meat packing app for beef, poultry, hog, goat, bison, lamb and seafood.
Fully integrated traceability software manages meat traceability app for slaughterhouses and meat packing plants.    Farmsoft meat packing software solutions are for all sized of meat packing operations from co-operatives to large commercial meat packing plants.  Increase meat packing quality control with Farmsoft meat quality inspection app.  Farmsoft slaughterhouse software delivers beef packing software solutions for all sized meat plants.   The Farmsoft Meat packing app delivers high levels of meat fabrication accuracy, meat packing efficiencies from accurate meat labels (USDA, EU, AU).  The Farmsoft meat quality control app makes meat quality inspection and quality management easy.  Use the Farmsoft Meat Packing App for massive savings on meat packing hardware;  Farmsoft's hardware agnostic design means you can use any scales, printers, or equipment with your Farmsoft meat packing solution.  

What is the Seafood Quality Inspection Program?
To ensure the safety and quality of seafood, we provide inspection services to the seafood industry for fish, shellfish, and fishery products. The program offers a variety of professional inspection services on a voluntary, fee-for-service basis which ensures compliance with all applicable food regulations.

Our goal is to encourage and help the seafood industry improve the quality, safety, and marketability of seafood and fishery products for the benefit of consumers.

Participants in our program include vessels, processing plants, and retail facilities. All edible product forms ranging from whole fish to formulated products, as well as fish meal products used for animal foods, are eligible for inspection and certification. U.S. participants in the program may use official marks on their products indicating they have been federally inspected.

The Commerce Certification Division of NOAA Fisheries’ Office of International Affairs and Seafood Inspection operates the Seafood Inspection Program under the authority of the 1946 Agricultural Marketing Act.

What services do we provide?
Our services provided to the seafood industry include:

Sanitation inspection.
System and process audits.
Product inspection and grading.
Laboratory analyses.
Industry training.
Export certification.
We provide these services nationwide and in other countries.

Does the program extend to the international industry?
Yes, we offer the same services to firms operating overseas or processing in foreign countries. We also offer export certification services to attest to the health of products intended for human consumption abroad.

Is seafood imported into the U.S. from other countries inspected for quality and safety?
Foreign suppliers and U.S. importers must comply with U.S. regulations for fish, shellfish, and fishery products. Foreign producers are responsible for product specifications, process controls, training, and sanitary practices, and U.S. importers are responsible for verifying that these requirements have been met.

To determine the source of your seafood, look at the packaging. All seafood sold in the United States is required to have country-of-origin labeling on the package.

How can I learn more about the seafood that I eat?
U.S. seafood is wild-caught and farm-raised under strict regulations that work to keep the marine environment healthy, fish populations thriving, and our seafood industry on the job. All U.S. seafood is managed sustainably with consideration for the long-term health of the environment.

You can learn more about making smart seafood choices by visiting which provides the most accurate and up-to-date information on seafood available in the United States.