Poultry traceability app by Farmsoft

Poultry traceability app for poultry processor, poultry packers, and poultry value adding manufacturers. Full poultry traceability app for chicken, duck, goose, and other poultry traceability

Poultry traceability app by Farmsoft: 

Poultry traceability app for poultry processor, poultry packers, and poultry value adding manufacturers. Full poultry traceability app for chicken, duck, goose, and other poultry traceability, and quality.

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Traceability matrix seafood meat, poultry. Meat traceability requirements with farmsoft meat packing app. Traceability matrix fresh produce fruit and vegetable seafood meat:
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Produce traceability makes it possible to track produce from its point of origin to a retail location where it is purchased by consumers.

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 Poultry traceability app for poultry processor, poultry packers, and poultry value adding manufacturers. Full poultry traceability app for chicken, duck, goose, and other poultry traceability.

Traceability of poultry and animal products is becoming an essential marketing requirement necessary to meet heightened consumer expectations, particularly with respect to food safety. Traceability is a fundamental part of the management and audit systems that have been developed to provide assurances to the consumer. Most poultry products are produced by large companies who control all facets of production to an extraordinary level. The primary breeding, commercial breeding and production stages of poultry production have had to develop comprehensive recording and traceability systems, for productivity rather than public health reasons. These systems are principally documentary trails on an individual flock basis. Each flock comprises a unit having the same or similar status. Individual identification of poultry is not generally practised commercially, except in elite breeding stock. Traceability systems are being expanded in the production, processing and distribution areas to accommodate consumer concerns regarding public health and other issues. The nature of the industry and the level of controls applied by the poultry sector can provide sound and sustainable guarantees to the consumer. Future development lies in the wider application of sophisticated computerised systems at primary and further processing levels, to ensure that traceability can be maintained.

The poultry chain is very complex and vulnerable to many problems related to food safety. Consumer culture is driving an important revolution in building brands. Product information transparency is the top most priority for today’s consumers. The increasing demand for animal protein products like eggs and meat, consumer awareness on food safety, low environmental impact, and better animal welfare has spurned the advent of poultry traceability solutions in the poultry sector.

According to ISO, traceability is the “ability to follow the movement of food through specified stages of production, processing and distribution.” Traceability is the ability to identify the origin of food and the food sources by using the one–step-back and one-step-forward principle.

The poultry traceability system locates a product through the stages of handling feeds, primary production, manufacture, processing, distribution, and final consumption in a poultry supply chain. It helps in the identification of the non-conformity of a product and enables timely product recalls thereby preventing unsafe food from reaching the end consumer.

Traceability is one of the best practices in the food and agriculture industry. It assures food safety and consumers can take informed decisions about their buy.

Implementation of traceability in the poultry supply chain is effective in handling the food safety and quality issues.

The information available through tracking and tracing in a traceability system helps in recalling a contaminated product, thereby preventing it from reaching the final consumer.

All poultry operations have a personal identification number for tracking, which helps in isolating a disease struck zone and hence helps product recalls. The spread of disease in flocks would affect their health thereby incurring increased costs and production losses. Farm biosecurity mitigates risk by preventing the spread of these diseases assuring the safety of public health.

The elements of traceability of poultry include identification of flocks with registered numbers, details of birth, origin and destination, medical treatment, and vaccinations.

The traceability framework allows traceability based on electronic identification and improved information exchange.

Thus whenever an animal disease outbreak occurs, traceability systems reduce the response time by providing real time access to reliable information at any point in the chain.

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This would reduce the scope of a food recall causing the least disruptions in trade.

Poultry Food safety and the consumer
Food safety is instrumental in consumer’s informed decisions about buying a product. The poultry bacteria like Salmonella serovars and Campylobacter spp. cause transfer of food borne diseases through the food chain.

The use of growth promoters in the form of antibiotics and drugs are emerging as a health hazard. Microorganisms get through in the gut of killed birds, slaughtering process, in de-feathering, in evisceration, and in transportation.