Poultry quality inspection app by Farmsoft

Poultry quality inspection app by Farmsoft delivers quality control for poultry packer, processor, and value adding. Complete poultry quality control app.

Poultry quality inspection software by Farmsoft: 

Poultry quality inspection app by Farmsoft delivers quality control for poultry packer, processor, and value adding. Complete poultry, traceability, quality control app.

Use low cost meat packing hardware terminals, scales, and other equipment with farmsoft meat packing solutions. Use inexpensive hardware for meat packing, meat processing, and meat storage.

Farmsoft meat packing app - Technical notes, hardware, requirements for the Meat processing & packing quality control app.   farmsoft meat packing app FAQ

Meat processing & packing quality control is made easy with farmsoft Meat Packing app; manage all QC, criteria, and testing processes for meat processing and meat packing quality testing for export/importers of beef, pig, and other fresh meat products.

Traceability matrix seafood meat, poultry. Meat traceability requirements with farmsoft meat packing app. Traceability matrix fresh produce fruit and vegetable seafood meat:
[Meat Packing (Australian) edition of farmsoft - download brochure here]
Produce traceability makes it possible to track produce from its point of origin to a retail location where it is purchased by consumers.

Meat packing app makes quality control, receival, batch processing, high weight accountability with no unaccounted yield loss for processing all animal and fresh meat products. The premium meat packing software solution for modern meat packers and meat processors.

Pre cooked lunch meat manufacturing app for food manufacturers of meatballs, luncheon, baloney, frankfurter, hot dog, taco meat, sausage manufacturing: manages pre-cooked meat inventory, pre-cooked meat quality control, orders & production, sales & shipping for reduced pre-cooked meat weight.

Meat packing app for beef, poultry, hog, goat, bison, lamb and seafood.
Fully integrated traceability software manages meat traceability app for slaughterhouses and meat packing plants.    Farmsoft meat packing software solutions are for all sized of meat packing operations from co-operatives to large commercial meat packing plants.  Increase meat packing quality control with Farmsoft meat quality inspection app.  Farmsoft slaughterhouse software delivers beef packing software solutions for all sized meat plants.   The Farmsoft Meat packing app delivers high levels of meat fabrication accuracy, meat packing efficiencies from accurate meat labels (USDA, EU, AU).  The Farmsoft meat quality control app makes meat quality inspection and quality management easy.  Use the Farmsoft Meat Packing App for massive savings on meat packing hardware;  Farmsoft's hardware agnostic design means you can use any scales, printers, or equipment with your Farmsoft meat packing solution.  

 Broiler chickens (the type raised for meat) generally take up to seven weeks to reach market weight. Once they’ve reached the proper size and weight, workers trained in humane care arrive to catch each chicken at the farm, by hand. During this process, chickens are transferred into holding cages or modular bins, specifically designed for transport to the processing plant, aimed to ensure that birds don’t hurt themselves or other birds, and that air is able to circulate.

To help explain the rest of how chickens are slaughtered and processed for meat in greater detail, we’ve broken into the 10 main steps.
Meat and Poultry Inspection
Raw meat is classified as high-risk products due to its dangerous nature if improperly managed. Food safety practices must be upheld and evolved. Legislations and regulations are in constant flux, which can be challenging to traverse without industry experts.

HTQS is here to help with our 25 years of experience. We can assist in a range of supervision, testing and audits within your supply chain to ensure your goods are not only safe but in line with international regulations.

Our primary poultry quality inspection services are:

Pre-production poultry quality Inspection

During production poultry Inspection

Pre-shipment Inspection

Sampling Services

Loading Supervision/Discharging Supervision

Survey/Damage Survey

Production Monitoring

Tally Services

Meat and Poultry Audits
Auditing is a practical way to ensure your suppliers are using the best practices and strategies available. HTQS will assist in running in-depth audits throughout your supply chain, including farms, slaughterhouses and storage, ensuring GMP (general manufacturing processes) and GHP (general hygiene practices) are implemented safely and effectively.

We do this by implementing:

Social Compliance Audit

Factory Technical Capability Audit

Food Hygiene Audit

Store Audit

Meat and Poultry Testing
As meat and poultry are high-risk produce, rigorous testing is needed to ensure safety for consumers. We provide state of the art tests which can highlight potential risks within the products to allow for practical solutions to be implemented, minimising the potential for delays and danger to consumers. These tests are done through all stages of the supply chain, from creation to shipment. Confirming whether goods are fit with national and international standards.

Tests we implement include:

Physical Testing

Chemical Component Analysis

Microbiological Test

Sensory Test

Nutrition testing

Food Contact and Package Testing

Supervision Services
As well as audits and testing, we provide supervision within your supply chain, ensuring best practices are upheld at every stage. This includes storage, transport and destruction of products, allowing for a smooth, safe and efficient supply chain within your business.

Our supervision services include:

Warehouse Supervision

Transportation Supervision

Fumigation Supervision

Witness Destruction