Poultry packing software by Farmsoft

Poultry packing software for processors and packers of poultry products, poultry value added packing, for retail and wholesale. Complete poultry packing solution.

Less poultry waste, 100% accurate poultry fabrication, order picking & shipping.

Poultry packing software by Farmsoft: 

Poultry packing software for processors and packers of poultry products, poultry value added packing, for retail and wholesale. Complete poultry packing solution.  Full poultry traceability, quality inspection, poultry traceability, production, packing, and poultry sales & shipping management.

Use low cost meat packing hardware terminals, scales, and other equipment with farmsoft meat packing solutions. Use inexpensive hardware for meat packing, meat processing, and meat storage.

Farmsoft meat packing app - Technical notes, hardware, requirements for the Meat processing & packing quality control app.   farmsoft meat packing app FAQ

Meat processing & packing quality control is made easy with farmsoft Meat Packing app; manage all QC, criteria, and testing processes for meat processing and meat packing quality testing for export/importers of beef, pig, and other fresh meat products.

Traceability matrix seafood meat, poultry. Meat traceability requirements with farmsoft meat packing app. 

Meat packing app makes quality control, receival, batch processing, high weight accountability with no unaccounted yield loss for processing all animal and fresh meat products. The premium meat packing software solution for modern meat packers and meat processors.

Pre cooked lunch meat manufacturing app for food manufacturers of meatballs, luncheon, baloney, frankfurter, hot dog, taco meat, sausage manufacturing: manages pre-cooked meat inventory, pre-cooked meat quality control, orders & production, sales & shipping for reduced pre-cooked meat weight.

Meat packing app for beef, poultry, hog, goat, bison, lamb and seafood.
Fully integrated traceability software manages meat traceability app for slaughterhouses and meat packing plants.    Farmsoft meat packing software solutions are for all sized of meat packing operations from co-operatives to large commercial meat packing plants.  Increase meat packing quality control with Farmsoft meat quality inspection app.  Farmsoft slaughterhouse software delivers beef packing software solutions for all sized meat plants.   The Farmsoft Meat packing app delivers high levels of meat fabrication accuracy, meat packing efficiencies from accurate meat labels (USDA, EU, AU).  The Farmsoft meat quality control app makes meat quality inspection and quality management easy.  Use the Farmsoft Meat Packing App for massive savings on meat packing hardware;  Farmsoft's hardware agnostic design means you can use any scales, printers, or equipment with your Farmsoft meat packing solution.  

Poultry processing and packaging is a high-speed, high-volume industry dedicated to providing the quality, affordable nutrition Americans need every day. With rising demand and increased automation, it’s a vast industry that depends on sharp, dependable, long-life machine knives to keep moving safely, hygienically, and efficiently.

Poultry Processing Software
Emydex Poultry Processing Software offers a complete solution for all sectors of the Poultry processing industry, whether you are a primary or secondary processing plant or manufacturing plant of Poultry based products. Emydex offers stock analysis, stock traceability, mass balance, processing yields and 3rd party cold store integration with box level traceability.

 “In any project the customer will have a roadmap that tries to predict where we want to get to. In reality this always changes, and it is how everyone adapts to that change that counts. Emydex adapted to a different situation in Greene Farms very well, and continue to work well with the company as we go through organisational and process changes. To me this is where the real value in Emydex lies."
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Poultry Processing
Benefits of our System
Real-Time Data Capture
Real-Time reporting + dashboard to monitor KPI’s & throughput
Integration to PLC’s to improve efficiency & reduce labour
User intuitive interface
Alerts and Notifications
Country & Customer labelling compliance
Forwards & Backwards traceability inherent
Software Modules to cover processing from flock intake, through to warehouse management and everything in between
Poultry Processing
System Features
Primary Processing
Secondary Processing
Primary Processing
Emydex poultry processing software can cater for various aspects of primary processing including flock intake, truck weighing, integration to bird counters, weighers and grading systems. This allows Emydex to monitor throughput efficiencies, capture reject rates and reasons including weighing of the rejected birds. This allows Emydex to handle poultry payments or provide the relevant details for the ERP system to complete payments.

Secondary Processing
Emydex software caters for all activities in poultry secondary processing including yield control, packing and processing, recipe management. Emydex software is also able to integrate to various machines such as X-ray devices etc to manage and control production.

Poultry Industry
Poultry Software  
Poultry processing is a complex, capital-intensive business. It requires skilled workers and advanced technology to run efficiently—and that’s before you even get to the challenges of ensuring food safety in an environment where contamination is ever-present.

The poultry industry has long been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to new technologies for improving efficiency, product quality and traceability. But as demand grows for more transparency about how meat is produced, processors are looking for solutions that can help them meet these demands while also reducing costs and increasing operational speed.

Triton’s advanced software solutions helps poultry processors stay ahead of the competition by providing real-time information on production flow through its FUSION MES software solution — which automates data collection from both within and outside the plant — as well as other modules designed

We work with our poultry processing clients to ensure catch weight and yield figures are captured at each step. We know what information is important and all of it is available in pre-built, customizable reports that decrease effort in finance almost as much as our scanners & barcodes do in the warehouse.

Every bird is unique, and so is every poultry processor we’ve worked with.
Our production software spans many use cases, and works with our poultry customers’ existing processes to make them more efficient and less error-prone.

Warehouse Management
Utilize GS1 barcodes and dynamically tag each bird or bulk package with specific weights. Those weights then are tagged into each box so that our customers have a clear view into exactly what’s in inventory, and where it is.
Factory Software for Quality
Tracing for Poultry Processing
Whether whole, in parts or packaged, our lot tracing software tracks every step of your poultry processing. Integrated with your ERP, it keeps inventory accurate while it tracks yield and quality information at each WIP.
Factory Software for Production
Yield Management
Whether your birds come whole or in part, track yield from various sources and at each process. Optional integrated scaling can automate yield measures and tracking as well, or have your team enter the yields directly into mobile scanners.