Mango Fresh produce packaging app quality control solution for packers and processors of fresh produce: Complete mango packing business management of Fresh produce packaging, packing, sales, shipping, invoices, export.

Mango Fresh produce packaging quality control solution for packers and processors of fresh produce: Complete mango packing business management of Fresh produce packaging, packing, sales, shipping, invoices, export.


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99% less fresh produce packing waste

Accurate fresh produce & food inventory management reduces fresh produce waste through better FIFO stock rotation, stock-takes, and inventory alerts. RFID pallet control (optional) for precision inventory tracking. 

Save time packing fruit & vegetables

Increase the efficiency of fresh produce inventory using options like scanning incoming bar-codes to reduce data entry & errors, integrate with scales for automatic weighing, ore RFID for automatic fresh produce inventory tracking.

Better fresh produce quality control

Guarantee quality fresh produce packing with flexible fresh produce inspection  testing systems from your cell or tablet. Customer feedback management, supplier quality control and more...

Reduce fresh produce packing errors

Project required inventory (and potential shortages to ensure correct fresh produce raw materials), schedule orders to be packed in batches, automatic alerts to production line managers for waste and batch analysis.

100% accurate fresh produce order shipping

Shipping teams are guided through the dispatch process.  Pick orders using a cell / tablet, PC, (optional bar-code scanning), automatic picking, auto email or print bill of lading, invoice, send automatic shipping notifications for customers, transport, and sales teams.

Reduce fresh produce packing administration costs by 40%

Automatic generation of fresh produce labels, pallet labels, bill of lading, invoice, picking documents, export documents, and more; reduces administrative burden.

Easy audit & mock recall systems reduces compliance costs.

Faster fresh produce inventory storage  inventory

Accurate fresh produce & food inventory management delivers reduced waste and increased employee productivity. Manage FIFO, improve stock-take accuracy, scan harvester data, and keep a watchful eye on your inventory... Easy stock-take identifies shrinkage and helps reduce waste from ageing. 

100% accurate fresh produce Fresh produce packaging

Maintain strict fresh produce Fresh produce packaging and high food safety standards always. Perform recalls based on lot/batch, pack date, invoice #, inventory #, pallet #, delivery date, purchase order #, or perform a recall on your own user defined data. Perform instant recalls both up and down the supply chain. Makes audits easy and instant. COVID-19 food safety & auditing available. 

Reduce fresh produce waste by 99%

Fresh produce packaging ensures there is no 'shrinkage', food inventory is FIFO managed, and expiring inventory always monitored.

Increase customer satisfaction

From increase fresh produce quality control systems, to online portal for customer orders, shopping carts, and quality feedback.

Better fresh produce quality now

Quality control and food safety has never been easier with built in industry standard quality tests, food safety checklists; or ask your consultant to  configure inspections to match your requirements.

100% accurate orders!

Guarantee only the correct inventory is shipped for each order, on time, every time.

No more rejections from deliveries to customers because a pallet has some incorrect inventory on it.

Mango Fresh produce packaging quality control solution for packers and processors of fresh produce: Complete mango packing business management of Fresh produce packaging, packing, sales, shipping, invoices, export.

Farmsoft fresh produce Fresh produce packaging is for fruit & vegetable packer, processor, import/export.  Full fresh produce Fresh produce packaging, auditing, Fresh produce packaging, and fresh produce business management app.

Quality inspection for fresh produce

Consistent and accurate quality inspection ensures higher customer satisfaction and adherence to industry, de-facto, and in-house quality control standards. Track supplier quality performance, customer feedback & complaints, create QC tests for any part of the fresh produce & food manufacturing process (incoming goods, raw materials, finished goods, expiry test, export/shipping tests), daily factory hygiene, machinery calibration, employee checklists... 

Fresh produce logistics

Manage orders, pack to order, picking and auto picking, dispatch & shipping process. Generate invoices, bill of lading, pick slips, export documentation and other sales documents... Dispatch teams are guided through the dispatch process ensuring every order is filled perfectly, and on time. Paperwork such as BOL, freight documents, export documents are automatically generated based on the customer and destination to guarantee no rejected shipments or issues at borders.

Fresh produce labels

Generate fresh produce SSCC pallet labels, GS1 case & PTI labels, bin labels, batch labels, traded unit labels, harvest labels and more. Use the built in industry standard labels for Walmart, Woolworths, Aldi, Tesco, Loblaws etc - or design your own with the built in label & report designer. Our team can design all of your fresh produce documents (including export documentation) to ensure farmsoft matches your requirements perfectly.

Fresh produce packing control

Sales, Quality, Profit, Dispatch, Pack, Farm...... Dashboards for sales teams provide instant impressions of customer orders and current inventory levels. The dispatch dashboard helps plan shipments, order of loading, and transport companies & drivers... The Profit analysis dashboard shows margins per unit and most profitable customers. Use our API to access your data however you like.

Fresh produce batch packing

Project required raw materials needed to pack/manufacture orders, potential shortages, schedule multiple orders to be packed in batches on selected production lines with a few clicks, automatically send new job alerts to managers, schedule additional harvests, analyze outstanding orders. Manage entire packing and manufacturing process with ease.

Fresh produce alerts monitoring

Automatic alerts for shipments can be sent to customers, transport providers, or even team members. Every time a batch is finished processing, receive an alert with the pack-out breakdown and percentages of grades & quality and waste. Alerts can include simple shipment notifications, or even invoices and original order details. Other alerts include order changes/modifications, yield reports, new order alerts, and low inventory alerts... 

Farm app option

Implement the farmsoft Farm Management suite to provide a comprehensive integrated business management solution from seed to plate. Includes automatic task management, best practices, budgeting, farm inventory, PHI enforcement, audits, residue reporting, USDA reporting, dashboards, farm profitability,  unlimited farms & companies, Fresh produce packaging, recalls and more... 

Fresh produce supplier quality control

Suppliers must know that your business measures & tracks their fresh produce quality at all times. Any trends that effect the quality of fresh produce can be quickly detected, automatically traced back to the fresh produce supplier (especially if a result of a customer complaint / feedback), management and purchasing teams are automatically alerted when a supplier quality issue occurs. Quantify and analyze your suppliers performance using the Supplier Quality Dashboard. 

Fresh produce finance apps

Share fresh produce finance data by direct integration with Xero finance app, or export AP & AR to Quickbooks, MYOB, SAGE, Multiview, Saasant, from the interface, or use our API to integrate with any finance or other app through inhouse or outsource, or request our team perform a custom integration for your fresh produce company. This is an optional module, please ask your consultant for additional details and discuss your specific requirements, additional costs apply for integration with new apps.

Fresh produce RFID

Automatic tracking of each pallet’s exact location. Makes loading orders accurate and easy, stops errors during shipping. Very low costs to setup your hardware using farmsoft’s innovative RFID for fresh produce solution. Pallets put onto truck are auto added to order, and checked for accuracy. Pick up a pallet and its RFID instantly selected. Add pallet/bin to production line and its auto added to batch for Fresh produce packaging.

Fresh produce API

Integrate with virtually any other app or software solution, or hardware using the farmsoft API. It's open! Anyone can use it. Your in house I.T. team, or any external I.T. vendor you want to help you with integration. Add your own reports, extract special data, or even create new interfaces between farmsoft and any app such as accounting, payroll, B2B, B2C. Other integration in farmsoft includes the ability to integrate with selected weigh scales to capture fresh produce net delivery weights.

Fresh produce bloch-chain

Increase customer confidence and prove the credentials of your Fresh produce packaging integrity and transparency with block-chain ledger technology.   We use the blockchain solution. (Optional module not included with standard Packing / Food Manufacturing ERP solution - please discuss your requirements with your fresh produce farmsoft consultant).

Improve fresh produce production planning

Efficient management customer orders, and the ability to analyze orders gives you new production planning tolls in farmsoft. Ensure each order is filled to exact specifications, on time, every time. Increase customer satisfaction and retention, and reduce stress in the packhouse with confident production planning using work orders/batch orders, sales contracts, sales orders, and sales order items. Are you manufactruing or processing chili products? Try farmsoft for chili processing. 

Accurate fresh produce Fresh produce packaging

Quality officers are guided through the quality control process, presented with images and instructions for each test, ensuring they know what to look for at all times, corrective actions are presented if a quality issue is detected. This makes training new fresh produce quality control officers fast, and ensures consistency in the quality control management processes for incoming fresh produce, post pack/post processing, storage, and dispatch. 

Efficient use of fresh produce cold stores

Maximize your cold store use and rotation of stock using farmsoft's pallet maps, and precision Fresh produce packaging tracking with expiring inventory reminders.

Cold store management software for fruit importers, exporters, packers, cross docking, and short and long term fruit storage.

Map cool rooms in 3D including row, column, and optionally level for stacked pallets.

Mango Fresh produce packaging quality control solution for packers and processors of fresh produce: Complete mango packing business management of Fresh produce packaging, packing, sales, shipping, invoices, export.

The farmsoft Fresh produce packaging app provides business wide quality management inspection systems for fresh produce, food manufacturing, seed processing, meat packing & processing, and flower packing.

Tesco food safety compliance food packers
Tesco food safety compliance for food manufacturers, packers, import, export, wholesale.  Tesco customers expect us to only sell products made to the highest quality and that are responsibly sourced. They trust us to ensure that all our products are safe and comply with all the applicable laws and regulations.

Within Tesco we have a number of highly skilled teams and colleagues across the globe that are dedicated to ensuring our customer expectations are not only met but exceeded. They manage the quality of products from the original product concept right through to our stores and customers.
Although this page is based on our UK business, a similar approach is taken across our international markets whilst ensuring all legal and cultural differences are acknowledged and catered for.  Through understanding customers and their needs, product and market trends our expert team of developers work hard to bring great quality, innovative and value for money products to the market; our dedicated team of food researchers and chefs constantly review food trends and bring new food ideas to life to meet those customer needs.
Fresh Produce Bar Code Scanning

Fresh produce bar code scanning in agriculture easily delivers improved Fresh produce packaging in the fruit boxing and fresh produce packing space.  The FarmSoft team has add new features to the FarmSoft packhouse mobile (smart phone, iphone, tablets, and PDA’s) interfaces and new interfaces for in line bar-code scanning to allow rapid recording of packed fruit and vegetable via bar-code systems. Implement FarmSoft to make your fresh produce fruit packing easier and more efficient. FarmSoft delivers bar code scanning for packing sheds, packhouses, and fruit packers, exporters, importers and wholesalers.

FarmSoft fresh produce bar code scanning allows users to choose from a mobile interface that allows smartphones and PDA devices to scan boxed and packed fresh produce to record pallet contents. Fresh produce inventory and stock management with bar code systems ensures Fresh produce packaging and accuracy. FarmSoft’s bar code software for pack sheds makes fresh produce Fresh produce packaging easy.

Bar-code Fresh produce packaging

FarmSoft bar code Fresh produce packaging is rapid to implement, and easy to maintain. Implementing FarmSoft bar code Fresh produce packaging for fresh produce processing delivers increased accuracy of Fresh produce packaging, easy inventory management, and can result in reduced fresh produce waste.
FarmSoft bar code Fresh produce packaging provides multiple fruit labeling solutions which can be tailored to meet client inventory handling requirements.
Bar code Fresh produce packaging
FarmSoft bar code Fresh produce packaging provides a comprehensive fruit Fresh produce packaging system for packhouses, pack sheds, and fruit and vegetable processors. FarmSoft bar code Fresh produce packaging makes fresh produce inventory handling easy! Contact FarmSoft today to receive these benefits.
Case level Fresh produce packaging

Case level Fresh produce packaging brings fresh produce processors, packers, and marketers easy and rapid Fresh produce packaging. Implement FarmSoft in no time at all, and start reducing processing waste!  Easy to deploy, farmsoft case level Fresh produce packaging is the best friend of any company looking to improve Fresh produce packaging in their food / fresh produce processing enterprise. Farmsoft delivers tangible improvements in food safety compliance and standards maintenance. Implementing farmsoft case level Fresh produce packaging for fresh produce processing delivers increased accuracy of Fresh produce packaging, easy inventory management, and can result in reduced fresh produce waste.

Farm to fork Fresh produce packaging for reliable food safety and best handling practices for fresh produce – while reducing waste and increasing efficiency!  FarmSoft’s farm to fork Fresh produce packaging solution delivers bullet proof fresh produce Fresh produce packaging management in every way. FarmSoft’s farm to fork Fresh produce packaging solution channels staff through the correct farming and fresh produce handling processes ensuring maximum food safety and Fresh produce packaging is being maintained at all times.

Combine both FarmSoft Farm Software AND FarmSoft Fruit Fresh produce packaging to create a complete farm to fork Fresh produce packaging solution.
In addition to the Fresh produce packaging features of FarmSoft, the system also provides a comprehensive fresh produce business management suite that takes care of every section of your business including: quality control, invoice, dispatch, sales, contracts, staff labor, packing labor, packhouse reporting and more.

Fresh Produce Fresh produce packaging India – FarmSoft’s fresh produce management software brings new levels of Fresh produce packaging and efficiency to Indian farming and fresh produce packing, processing, and exporting.  FarmSoft guides users through the fresh produce handling procedures to ensure the safest, highest quality fruit and vegetables with minimum waste. From quality control, waste analysis, to fresh produce labeling – FarmSoft delivers for professional fruit and vegetable processors and packers. Download FarmSoft’s Fresh Produce Fresh produce packaging India specifications here.

FarmSoft India
Professionally manage and monitor all post harvest processes including quality control, storage, inventory, sorting, grading, washing, packing, sales, invoice, and dispatch.
Traceability requirements matrix fresh produce

Traceability requirements matrix fresh produce packing, processing, value adding.   Traceability requirements matrix fresh produce
Traceability requirements matrix in fresh produce

EASY Fresh produce packaging
Makes fresh inventory food safety compliance & audits easy.
Traceability requirements matrix fresh produce
Traceability requirements matrix fresh produce.
Blockchain for fresh produce Fresh produce packaging

Visit our official fresh produce blockchain site for the latest fresh produce blockchain information.
Ask your farmsoft consultant if your chosen block-chain protocol or format is supported.
Blockchain – Essential for Fresh Produce Fresh produce packaging
The Produce Fresh produce packaging Initiative, was designed to help the Produce Industry maximize the effectiveness of current traceback procedures, while developing a standardized industry approach to enhance the speed and efficiency.
Food Fresh produce packaging Software

FarmSoft food Fresh produce packaging software delivers bulletproof food safety and reduces business risk.  The FarmSoft is built on a solid platform of food Fresh produce packaging and safety standards. FarmSoft guides users through the food processing and manufacturing phases. The FarmSoft food Fresh produce packaging software suite specializes in processing and manufacturing involving fresh produce, fruit, and vegetables. Dried, cured, juiced, pulped, or even made into value added jelly and jams. Click here to download food Fresh produce packaging software specifications.

Fresh Produce Fresh produce packaging Bar-code

Fresh Produce Fresh produce packaging Bar-codes for fruit & vegetable packers, processors, and food manufacturers.  Fresh Produce Fresh produce packaging is much more than applying a label to the packed fruit or vegetable. FarmSoft delivers strict fresh produce Fresh produce packaging guidelines for supply chain end to end food safety & transparency.

Ensuring that the Fresh produce packaging chain has no gaps in it is important to reduce the risk exposure of your business. If there is a breach in the Fresh produce packaging chain, then the whole Fresh produce packaging enforcement system has failed and becomes a pointless expense. FarmSoft ensures 100% accuracy of Fresh produce packaging throughout the entire life-cycle of fresh produce, from pre-planting, to post sales Fresh produce packaging guideline adherence. FarmSoft ensures your business is not unnecessarily exposed, while minimizing compliance costs. 

GS1 Fresh produce packaging for fresh produce

FarmSoft GS1 Fresh produce packaging system does much more than just print labels! Manage your inventory, maintain Fresh produce packaging, pack, process, and store fresh produce. Perform sales and dispatch and invoicing. Reduce fresh produce waste.  FarmSoft GS1 Fresh produce packaging system does much more than just print labels! Manage your inventory, maintain Fresh produce packaging, pack, process, and store fresh produce. Perform sales and dispatch and invoicing. Reduce fresh produce waste.
farmsoft makes fresh produce GS1 Fresh produce packaging easy!
Increase the efficiency of fresh produce deliveries using options like scanning incoming bar-codes to reduce data entry, save time, and reduce errors. Scan incoming fresh produce deliveries or use "one touch" rapid inventory creation screens to increase accuracy & reduce data entry time.

FarmSoft track and trace provides end to end supply chain transparency for fresh produce Fresh produce packaging. Implement FarmSoft to guarantee the highest level of Fresh produce packaging both up and down the supply chain!  FarmSoft track and trace is a comprehensive fresh produce business management solution that caters for all operational processes from quality control, inventory, sales, dispatch, and orders. FarmSoft even provides food manufacturing, good manufacturing management, and value adding features. FarmSoft track and trace software provides many innovative features to bring easily maintained benefits to the fresh produce processor, packer, and marketer.

Using the FarmSoft Fresh produce packaging code, customers, and end consumers can track and trace fresh produce simply by scanning a QR code with their smartphone. The track and trace system will then present the customer/end consumer with the Fresh produce packaging or marketing information as chosen by the packer. This helps to improve customer confidence and provides supply chain transparency to promote the concept of food safety.
Produce Fresh produce packaging Initiative PTI

Produce Fresh produce packaging Initiative (PTI), HACCP, GlobalGAP, CanGAP, EuroGAP, BRC, Bio-Terrorism, ISO and more…Simple PTI solution - software for fruit and vegetable processing

Farmsoft delivers opportunities to reduce waste during the packing, processing, storage, and distribution phases. By enforcing best practices, FIFO (when practical), inventory expiry monitoring, and easy stock takes - your company has every opportunity to minimize waste and maximize profit. From bar code managed inventory, inventory labeling, to 3D pallet storage, farmsoft delivers on reduced waste.
Perform recalls in seconds, with the full confidence of accuracy and reliability. Minimize risk by ensuring accurate Fresh produce packaging is automatically captured. Pass audits with ease & reduce compliance costs using farmsofts Fresh produce packaging guidelines. Trace fresh produce up and down the supply chain, over multiple Fresh produce packaging hops. Instantly produce spray records, residue analysis, soil analysis, and any other farm Fresh produce packaging records if you use our farm solution.

Inventory Fresh produce packaging software for reduced post harvest waste

Inventory Fresh produce packaging software
The purpose of the Fruit & Vegetables implementation guidance is to provide best practice guidelines for industry-wide adoption for New Item Listing and update of existing assortment. This guide provides support to companies seeking to electronically exchange fruit & vegetable product information in accordance with GS1 Standards. The guidance applies to the full range of fruit & vegetable trade items. The guide outlines which attributes should be used for fruit & vegetable items and recommends best practices for the use of these standards to exchange static fruit & vegetable data between suppliers and retailers. Today, different platforms as well as different means to item identification exist when it comes to data sharing. Fresh produce packaging case study for Paramount Citrus, Fresh produce packaging case study for Mother Earth Organic Mushrooms, SunFed visibility of produce throughout supply chain with case and item level Fresh produce packaging. JemD Farms, greenhouse grower with GS1 Standards and the Produce Fresh produce packaging Initiative.
The use of GS1 Standards, specifically for Identification, Master Data Alignment, Fresh produce packaging, Track and Trace, Barcode labels and EDI transactions, provides a common platform to help supply.
Simple Fresh produce packaging solution

Simple Fresh produce packaging solution - software for fruit and vegetable packing
Processors and packers involved in the fresh produce industry deal with a lot of compliance and Fresh produce packaging issues. If the worst happens and a product recall needs to be effected immediately, they have to be able to trace where the raw ingredients of fruit and vegetables came from, what was done to them, when and where the finished products have gone.
Fresh produce processors and packers manufacturers are subject to quality audits and they can often practice recalls and food safety incidents. From a business perspective, these activities often can be expensive and cumbersome to comply with, without the use of a simple Fresh produce packaging solution that is integrated into the businesses fresh produce handling processes and guidelines.
As a supplier to the food manufacturing or fresh produce processing or handling and retail industry, quality control and Fresh produce packaging are key for any manufacturer. Farmsoft delivers solutions in Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Africa, and Asian regions. Use farmsoft to become compliant and increased efficiency.

Less waste, more Fresh produce packaging

Less waste, more Fresh produce packaging: Full featured software for fresh produce processing, packing, sales, export/import & distribution.  MINIMIZE FRESH PRODUCE WASTE

For handlers of perishable goods, reduce waste during packing, processing, cold store, order picking and dispatch phases. Enforce GMP and best practices, FIFO (when practical), inventory expiry monitoring, and easy stock takes to help minimize waste and maximise profit. Receive detailed alerts when waste is encountered through quality issues, or possible human error.
Learn more about farmsoft post harvest solutions
Manage your fruit & vegetable packing / processing operation with a simple Fresh produce packaging solution, or implement a comprehensive enterprise management solution. Easily comply with standards for Walmart, Tesco, Woolworths, Aldi, Loblaw, Coles, USDA, FSMA, GFSI, AANZFTA, PTI, HACCP - for full inventory Fresh produce packaging using PC/Mac or Fresh produce packaging app.
MORE Fresh produce packaging!

Fresh produce export documentation

Farmsoft makes fresh produce export documentation easy with new features that generate international standard fresh produce export documentation for fresh produce producers, processors, and packers.   Rapidly generate fresh produce export documentation on demand!

Farmsoft makes fresh produce export documentation easy with new features that generate international standard fresh produce export documentation for fresh produce producers, processors, and packers. The modern packing and processing facility is busy environment. Dealing with the excess of export regulations and paperwork requirements can often be a headache. Farmsoft guides users through the documentation process, reducing administration costs, and increasing productivity.
Contact a farmsoft consultant today to discuss your fresh produce export documentation options today.
Farmsoft takes the effort out of preparing fresh produce export documentation for fruit, vegetable, coffee, hop, and grain producers by generating commonly used export documentation.  

Reduce fresh produce waste, Orders - Quality - Production - Sales & shipping - Recalls & audits - Dashboards, analysis, business intelligence.   Reduce fresh produce waste, make production and shipments 100% accurate

Strict inventory management ensures FIFO and no orphaned fresh produce inventory, no loss of inventory due handling processes.
Production management ensures every order is filled accurately, dispatch is planned in advance, and correct shipments dispatched on time, every time.
Sales dashboards help marketing and sales teams plan orders, schedule production, and identify any fresh produce that needs to be sold before it becomes waste.
A choice of interfaces to suit every environment gives your team a simple fresh produce business management tool.
Manage fresh produce inventory stored at an unlimited number of sites / packhouses, and unlimited warehouses
Manage and monitor the storage and status (ie: in processes such as sorting, grading, cooling, ripening etc) of all fresh produce inventory, regardless of its state.

Mango Packing & Palletization
Mango Packing & Palletization
The NMB completed a palletization and packaging project with researchers and manufacturers. The results include an updated pallet design and an updated box design. Here is the final report from the Mango Packaging Task Force, which provides a 5-page summary of why the packaging and palletization projects were necessary.

Blueprint for the new 5-down Box
Blueprint for the new 40×48 Pallet
For additional details, please review this presentation on the Mango Packaging Project.

On Thursday, July 23, 2020 the National Mango Board hosted a free webinar to give the industry information and clarification on the benefits of the 5-down box: The information consisted of the results yielded by the related project that the NMB conducted. During this session, the following benefits of the 5-down box were highlighted: ease of use and efficiency, pallet stability improvement, ventilation improvement, better durability in high humidity environments and cost reduction. 

The best packaging to export your mangoes!
The perfect boxes to store your mangoes, perfectly customizable and specially designed for manual assembly, ideal if you do not have assembly machines, they are also made with a material that supports high percentages of humidity.
mangoes boxes
Great material
We use premium Nordic Kraft and Semi-Chemical papers, prepared to withstand high percentages of humidity.
Cardboard material Boxes For Fruits
Fully customizable
We customize the boxes with a great printing quality that will attract the attention of the consumer and boost your sales.
KLINGELE cuztomizable
Manual assembly
Our boxes are designed for easy manual assembly. Perfect for working in the field.
Checkout the video!

Checkout our Mango Boxes

We have a very strong presence in the agriculture sector. Especially in mango and pineapple packaging.
We use premium virgin papers (Nordic Kraft Liner and Semi-Chemical), prepared to withstand high percentages of humidity.
mango 4k box
Mango Box 4Kg for

Each individual fruit of mango will be enclosed in a clean, white, soft, expandable and netted type polystyrene sleeve to prevent bruising before packing in a box.

The mangoes must be packed in insect-proof boxes. If ventilated boxes are used, all the ventilator openings of the box should be covered with insect-proof screen and all the sides of box should be sealed with adhesive tape to prevent any entry of pests.
The materials used inside the package must be new, clean, and of a quality such as to avoid causing any external or internal damage to the produce.
The use of materials, particularly of paper or stamps bearing trade specifications is allowed, provided the printing or labeling has been done with non-toxic ink or glue.
Mangoes shall be packed in each container in compliance with the Recommended International Code of Practice for Packaging and Transport of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (CAC/RCP 44-1995, Amd. 1-2004).
The package boxes dimensions of 390X260X115 mm (for Banganpalli), 320X230X90
Specification details of Corrugated Fibre Board boxes are given in the following table. Specification details for Corrugated Fibre Board (CFB) Boxes for packing
mangoes for exports
Ring &
Flap(4 kg)

Source: Post- Harvest Manual for Export of Mangoes, APEDA, New Delhi.

(B) For domestic market
For domestic market, usually mangoes are packed in wooden boxes, details of which are given below. However, Alphonso and Kesar are packed in CFB boxes.
Specifications of wooden boxes for domestic marketing

Mango Packaging
Flexible bag-in-box and pouch packaging provide eco-conscious solutions that keep your mango products safe and fresh from fill through end-use. With aseptic technology, products are shelf-stable and preservative-free—no refrigeration needed.

Scholle IPN Mango Packaging
I'm Looking for:
Bag-in-Box for Mango
With aseptic packaging, you can deliver a fresh, natural product—no “cooked” flavors or preservatives—with extended shelf life and no refrigeration required. Our innovative bag-in-box systems include a wide range of film, fitments, and filling equipment for a total flexible packaging solution engineered to protect your products from fill through end-use. We provide:

Aseptic technology to eliminate costly cold chain logistics.
Versatility to deliver your mangoes anywhere you need.
Solutions that minimize your environmental impact and leave less packaging waste behind.
Reduced food waste with longer secondary shelf life and maximum product evacuation.
BIB Filler SureFill 40Scholle IPN Bag Render IBC 2600 mangoBIB Filler SureFill 40Scholle IPN Bag Render IBC 2600 mango
Institutional Bag-in-Box for Mango
Safely dispense mango products like particulates, concentrates, and purées with our aseptic-capable, closed-loop systems that minimize opportunities for contamination while in-use and extend freshness upon opening. Our bag-in-box products are designed with fast-paced, foodservice operations in mind with:

Easy storage and smaller packaging footprint.
Improved evacuation to maximize profits and minimize waste.
Sustainable Advantages of Institutional Bag-in-Box
Learn More About Our Institutional Bag-in-Box Solutions
Industrial Bag-in-Box for Mango
Use our industrial-sized flexible IBCs, tote liners, and drum liners to safely transport your mango products and ingredients in packaging that offers cost savings throughout the supply chain. Our flexible industrial packaging facilitates:

Clean and safe delivery of your mango products to and from your production facility.
Streamlining, demanding less resources to clean and service bulk containers.
Eliminated reliance on cold chain due to ability to fill, store, and unload aseptically.
Sustainable Advantages of Industrial Bag-in-Box
Learn More About Our Industrial Bag-in-Box Solutions
Pouch Packaging for Mango
With aseptic technology, you can offer mango products in perfectly portioned, portable packaging that requires no preservatives or refrigeration. Our spouted pouches are available in sizes as small as 50 ml, up to larger, multi-serve sizes. Offer single servings or trial sizes to encourage sampling, or pouches of mango purée for drink-mixing and cooking.

Ship smarter with ecommerce-ready flexible pouches.
Aseptic pouches are shelf-stable, no refrigeration required.
Typically lower carbon footprint than heavy rigid alternatives.
Optimized product-to-package ratio, leaving less waste volume.
Pouch Filler SureFill 100PPouch Filler SureFill 100PPouch Filler SureFill 100P
Pre-Made Pouches for Mango
Our CleanPouch® system helps you streamline your operation by focusing on your product while relying on us to deliver quality pouch packaging. These pre-made spouted pouches are delivered on rail systems, so it’s easy to get your filling operation up and running.

Benefits of CleanPouch® System:
Optimal nutrient retention, flavors, and textures with CleanPouch® Aseptic.
Customizable fitment options for spouts and caps that fit your needs.
Dynamic filling equipment for startup through full-scale, automated operations.
Sustainable Advantages of CleanPouch
Learn More About Our Pre-Made Pouch Solutions
Pouch Solutions for Mango
If you’re interested in getting started or are already producing pouches using horizontal form-fill-seal (HFFS), count on us for high-quality materials needed for making your pouches:

Films: Choose from our wide range of options from traditional foil to consumer-preferred transparent. Plus, our RecShield™ pouch film can be recycled with other polyethylene films.
Fitments: Select from our wide variety of unique and innovative pouch spouts and caps engineered for the rigors of HFFS production.
Equipment: Use our combined pouch fitments and barrier films in tandem with the top-of-the-line Bossar BMS 4.2 for a complete HFFS pouch packaging solution.

Crespo Organic/RCF offer mango packaging options
El Grupo Crespo, which markets mangos in the United States under its Crespo Organic and RCF labels, is offering more choices for U.S. buyers with several consumer-ready packaging options.

Nissa Pierson, who handles marketing and promotion for the company, told The Produce News in mid-February that the packaging options are unique in the mango business. Over the last two years, El Grupo Crespo introduced a three-pound, retail-ready net bag in both the Crespo Organic and the conventional RCF labels. While last year was the first full year of this offering, Pierson still considers it to be new as the marketing challenges presented by the coronavirus has lengthened the introduction time for all new products. She said the three-pound net back is packed seven bags to a carton and has found good acceptance among the U.S. retail community.

Pierson said the unique presentation is in line with the thinking of the late Roberto Crespo Fitch, who started the family in the mango business more than 50 years ago. “He was avant garde in his thinking and far more advanced than his peers,” she said. “Today, the Crespo siblings think the same way and are constantly looking at new approaches in the category; new varietals, new growing techniques, new packaging, all of it.”

It is those four children of Crespo Fitch who launched El Grupo Crespo and have introduced a six-pound consumer case in the RCF label this season and plan to launch the Crespo Organic brand equivalent (A Case for Consumers) April 1 to coincide with the beginning of Mexico’s heavy mango shipping period. Pierson said the new case will be available in all 10 of the varieties shipped in the Crespo Organic and/or RCF labels. The new retail-ready consumer pack will be packed in a 48-pound master case.

Pierson explained that many of the nation’s top mango consumers like to buy mangos by the carton in the spring and summer when they are typically offered at a very attractive price point. The typical four-kilogram box is almost nine pounds, which is a bit too large for some consumers. Pierson said that the six-pound offering should feature an attractive price point that will serve as a “collision point where everything explodes” and promotions proliferate.

In addition, the Crespo Organic case will be a consumer-driven box with QR codes connecting to more commodity information, how to’s and recipes. Pierson expects the carton to do very well during the peak sales season and as a great option for the big box stores, which often offer fresh produce in case quantities.

Both the fairly new three-pound net bag and the six-pound carton are perfectly positioned for the annual Crespo Organic Summer Mango Mania. Typically running in June, July and August to mirror the peak of the season, the promotion utilizes social media, merchandising tools, point of sale material, consumer contests and program pricing to tout the Crespo Organic brand.

While El Grupo Crespo offers both conventional and organic mangos, Pierson said the vast majority of the fruit is grown in certified organic groves, which was always the goal of the founder, whose initials (RCF) are the inspiration for one of the company’s two main labels.

The company has a long history in the organic sector and continues to grow its organic footprint. Pierson said they are constantly reviewing new core materials and research breakthroughs that should eventually lead to completely compostable packaging. Right now, she said even packaging that is labeled compostable is stretching the limits as to what compostable is. “It might be compostable, but it takes 11 years so they say,” she said, adding that the Crespos are in tune with new packaging concepts and when truly compostable material is available, El Grupo Crespo will adopt it quickly.

Two new labels are also being introduced this year, Mango King and Mango Queen, which will be used for the many specialty mango varieties that El Grupo Crespo grows and markets.