CHAIN-TRACE created for fresh produce suppliers to protect IP, and prove providence of their fresh produce while sharing only information they choose, with minimal cost. 
To use CHAIN-TRACE, suppliers do not need to buy new software, hardware, consulting, training, or need configure anything.  

Simplicity, trust, traceability. 

Easy for Suppliers

Using your chosen CHAIN-TRACE enabled solution, automatically include QR code on your choice of BOL, Invoice, case, pallet labels.  Share only the information you want to share.


Scan the QR for instant verification and traceability details. No username or password, no app required, no registration.  VIEW SAMPLE Purchaser verification result.  

End Consumers

Scan the QR on the End Consumer unit for instant access to the Suppliers chosen traceability and marketing information, provide product feedback.  VIEW SAMPLE end consumer verification result.

Verify a CHAIN-TRACE key

About Us

CHAIN-TRACE is a consortium of industry interests that wish to promote transparent, trust, and traceability of food,  fresh produce, & seed stock in the blockchain with the goal of providing a flexible, low cost solution to vendors of traceability solutions in the food, fresh produce and seed stock space..

Global nodes ensure redundancy 

Designed for food fresh produce business applications

CHAIN-TRACE blockchain network engineered on Hyperledger Fabric 

Public facing verification interface (permissions based)

How CHAIN-TRACE works...


Supplier data packaged

Traceability file prepared based on a batch or invoice (or other supply chain data) by vendor software & sent to CHAIN-TRACE API (can contain any data).


New blockchain record

CHAIN-TRACE encrypts and stores file (off-chain), new blockchain record contains supplier, product(if singular), record type, file hash & name.  


Purchaser or end consumer verification 

End consumers can verify & access data through web portal (enter a code), or by scanning QR (verification performed by multiple nodes).  Vendor's client determines which data is returned for Purchaser or EC. 

Historical retention

Blockchain records and associated file packages are purged after 4 years; as per food traceability requirements. 

  The traceability package (file) is stored off chain, the hash is stored in the chain to perform verification that the stored file matches the chain record, the file is unstructured may contain unlimited files, file formats (DOC, PDF, XLS, JPG etc) shipping documents, invoices, batch traceability / recall data, supplier details, verifications, quality control tests, lab tests etc.  Enclosing a PDF file will resulting in it being displayed directly within the CHAIN-TRACE web portal.  The file contents is chosen at the discretion of the Supplier and vendor software to allow complete flexibility and freedom of choice of  data being shared on the blockchain.   HTML contents are forbidden and will be rejected if added to the network. 

Software vendors may not charge additional fees to allow their clients to use CHAIN-TRACE blockchain and are expected to add the API functionality to their software in a manner that does not require the Producer to perform additional configuration or training.  Single file size limit 200k, additional storage available POA.

Governance of CHAIN-TRACE



Chain Trace consortium agrees on development and standards 



Development resources provided by consortium members implement prototypes



Consortium members can trial new platform configurations and provide iterative feedback

Go live!

On consortium approval, new platform config globally pushed

New consortium members require approval from founding members.
Consortium members are required to provide technical development services.

Industries supported by CHAIN-TRACE


Fresh produce Supplier: farm / packer / merchant

Add to blockchain

Recall from blockchain

External file storage

4 year history



Fresh produce purchasor

Recall traceability info

Unlimited verifications

QR Code data recall

4 year history



Software vendor

API add to blockchain

Producer verification service

API recall from blockchain

$4000 setup fee



100,000 trans


API add/recall blockchain

Producer verification

Node setup service

$4000 setup fee



Hyperledger Fabric explainer